• Stewart is a very dedicated and highly skilled professional and really puts his best efforts into locating information about people, whether they are living or deceased! I am writing a book about many of my patients from the 1980s and ’90s who had HIV and AIDS, many of whom died without any surviving relatives, and as a result, it is very difficult to find information about them. Stewart has been instrumental in finding information about them, finding obituaries and biographical information about their lives, and even connecting me with surviving relatives or other people who can provide additional information for my book. And he has been able to connect me with some of my former patients who are miraculously still living. Thank you, Stewart! He is a real detective and so devoted to ferreting out the truth!

    K. Labriola

    Feb 2019

  • For a while, I wanted to know where my family came from but never really did too much looking until I had a project for history class which I had to look for past family records and photos. Even when I finished that project, I still knew little of my father’s side of the family. So I went to Steward. It was very nice of him to help me learn about my father’s family. I found out that on my father’s side of the family that I’m part Irish, English, and Canadian. I learned that my family came from across England, Ireland, and from Canada.  (“FAR and Wide oh Canada”) :). I would like to thank him very much for doing this for me.

    L. Howard

    Jan 2019

  • Stewart diligently researched my ancestry based on very thin leads and worked with the sparse information I received from my biological mother after I was reunited with her. He persisted to find marriage certificates, obituaries, passenger lists, census and other records to pull together an illuminating family tree, that spans across Canada and England, for which myself, and my children are grateful. He produced for us clear and concise reports, which I was able to share with the entire family.

    D. Howard

    December 2018

  • Stewart helped me get my tree started on Ancestry. He sat with me in a café going over all the features of Ancestry, including hints, attaching records to an individual, building a tree one generation at a time. For weeks we worked together researching in Ancestry, Newspapers and ordering certificates. Stewart helped me to discover cousins that I never knew I had, and the result has been rewarding new family connections.  Stewart also unlocked my German ancestry revealing my likely great grandparents. I have now built multigeneration trees myself for my husband and friends.

    G. Kulik

    Aug 2015

  • Several years ago, Stewart put together a 200-page book on my family history. He traced my Irish roots on both sides of my family from Scranton, PA to early settlers of Ontario, Canada to County Mayo, Ireland. During his work, he discovered three living cousins that I did not know before.  Stewart gathered all the family stories and facts into a genealogy book with photos, newspaper clippings, and ancestral crests. He unearthed a veritable treasure trove of information!  I was able to gift that book to all my siblings for Christmas.

    P. Donnelly