When I presented “LGBTQ Genealogy” at the National Genealogical Society (NGS) conference in Sacramento in May 2022, a small group stayed afterward for a productive discussion. In that group was Kate Guanci, the CEO and founder of Archoral. She was particularly interested in what I had to say in my segment on LGBTQ Genealogy and Software.

I started consulting with Archoral shortly after our meeting in Sacramento. Kate and her team have built a new genealogical software that is welcoming of LGBTQ folk, adopted, step, and blended families. Although the NDA I signed prevents me from revealing much, I can say I am delighted with Archoral’s commitment to inclusivity. They have updated traditional genealogical reporting so that all types of families are represented.

I can’t wait for them to launch this year so that I can finally see my family constellations in their full diversity. I also hope to bring you Archoral tutorial blogs in the near future.

You can learn more about Archoral’s approach with their first YouTube.