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LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 20

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Putting it all together

Throughout this blog series, I’ve written about finding clues in the genealogical record that might raise a rainbow flag.  Remember the confirmed bachelor or spinster aunt was not by default unlucky in finding a spouse. Perhaps they did have long-term partners but there was no legal record […]

Geraldine, Who are You? – Part 1

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[This article was originally published in The California Nugget, Spring 2018 edition.]

Part 1 of 2

Eighteen years ago, my husband and I adopted a baby boy at birth. He has brought much joy into our lives, including the joy of doing his birth family’s genealogy. My son is a Mayflower descendant […]

LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 3

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I first came upon the term “Present-ism” by reading Thomas MacEntee’s blog. Present-ism is the awareness of cautiously not applying today’s cultural norms to past societies. This applies to all genealogy subjects and applies especially to LGBTQ ancestors.

Our ancestors did not self-identify as “gay”, “lesbian”, “bisexual” […]

The Apple Tree – A Genealogy Parable

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Walking with my husband one evening, we noticed that our neighbors had planted a new tree in their yard. We stopped to admire the trellis and pinned branches. I thought from the leaf shape that it may be an apple tree.  I could have continued our walk, but curiosity said […]

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