Evidence Explained: Third Edition vs. Fourth Edition

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Upon discovering the imminent release of a new edition of Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifact to Cyberspace, I was filled with both eager anticipation and apprehension of change. The third edition (revised) was published seven years ago in 2017, and the prospect of a refreshed volume piqued […]

Nicaragua Genealogy

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Nicaragua Genealogy

A brief time ago, FamilySearch posted new databases for church records in Nicaragua – Archivo Diocesano de Granada (Nicaragua). This group contains baptismal, matrimonial, and death records for churches in Boaco, Diriomo, Granada, Nandiame, Ometepe, and Rivas. I was especially happy to see three databases that relate to […]

They / Them Pronouns

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Using “They” or “Them” as pronouns is the appropriate and respectful choice for non-binary individuals or anyone who identifies with these terms. I candidly admit that adapting to what my mind perceives as plural terms has been challenging. It’s not a resistance to acknowledging preferred pronouns; rather, it’s the need […]

Writing Your Own Obituary

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Write your own obituary, because who can do it better than you? Who amongst your surviving relatives will know why you took the life paths you did? Who will have the insight and writing skills to convey to generations to come who you were in life?

As genealogists, we are happy […]

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LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 20

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Embracing Diversity in Genealogy with a Rainbow Prism Perspective

Throughout this blog series, we’ve embarked on the journey of uncovering LGBTQ clues when someone in our family’s history raises our rainbow flag fancy. Remember the confirmed bachelor or spinster aunt was not by default unlucky in finding a spouse. Perhaps they […]


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Writing about Transgender People

In response to a reader’s inquiry, this blog post delves into the nuanced task of documenting transgender family members in genealogy. It emphasizes the need for sensitivity and respect while guiding appropriate terminology and their inclusion in family narratives.

In genealogy, the common practice of documenting women with […]

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Geraldine, Who Are You? – Part 2

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[This article was originally published in The California Nugget, Spring 2018 edition.]

Part 2 of 2 – [See Part 1]

Since Geraldine was born in 1928, then next obvious search was in the 1930 U.S. Census. [13] [See Image 4]

This seemed like a foster home. The Bouldrys were listed […]

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