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Nicaragua Genealogy

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Nicaragua Genealogy

A brief time ago, FamilySearch posted new databases for church records in Nicaragua – Archivo Diocesano de Granada (Nicaragua). This group contains baptismal, matrimonial, and death records for churches in Boaco, Diriomo, Granada, Nandiame, Ometepe, and Rivas. I was especially happy to see three databases that relate to […]

They / Them Pronouns

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They or Them are the appropriate pronouns to use for non-binary people or anyone who chooses these terms as their personal pronouns. I admit that I have found it difficult to adapt to what my mind considers plural terms. It’s not that I don’t want to adapt or refuse to […]

Archoral for Genealogy Inclusivity

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When I presented “LGBTQ Genealogy” at the National Genealogical Society (NGS) conference in Sacramento in May 2022, a small group stayed afterward for a productive discussion. In that group was Kate Guanci, the CEO and founder of Archoral. She was particularly interested in what I had to say in […]

Meet the Elite Podcast – a cautionary tale

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In early January I answered a phone call, though I’m always suspicious of telemarketers. The human on the other end politely introduced themselves and said they were interested in interviewing me for a podcast segment on genealogy. Ok, they had my interest, and I decreased my apprehension. They explained the […]

Writing and Publishing

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Writing and Publishing with an LGBTQ twist

I’ve now completed my series on LGBTQ Genealogy and LGBTQ Genealogy and Software. What do I blog about next? I’m open to your suggestions. I’m considering writing about writing. What has been my process for taking all the facts and records of a person’s […]

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Digitizing Records

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Preserving Records from the California Genealogical Society

I enjoy genealogy research because it brings forgotten stories back to life. Piecing together a person’s life story using online databases with document images is energizing. One clue leads to another and with luck you’ll come to know who that ancestor was.

Genealogy has been […]

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Writing Your Own Obituary

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Write your own obituary, because who can do it better than you? Who amongst your surviving relatives will know why you took the life paths you did? Who will have the insight and writing skills to convey to generations to come who you were in life?

As genealogists, we are happy […]

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I love cemeteries.

I am a taphophile. And maybe you are too.

Taphophilia is “a love of funerals, cemeteries and the rituals of death.” [1]  You might also call me a Tombstone Tourist but I like the term taphophile best.

Cemeteries are art, history, genealogy, class, religion all rolled into one. A grave allows a tangible […]

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