They / Them Pronouns

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They or Them are the appropriate pronouns to use for non-binary people or anyone who chooses these terms as their personal pronouns. I admit that I have found it difficult to adapt to what my mind considers plural terms. It’s not that I don’t want to adapt or refuse to […]

LGBTQ Genealogy at FindMyPast

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FindMyPast At Home Interview

I am grateful to Jen Baldwin and Eleanor Overthrow-Jones of FindMyPast for the interest in LGBTQ Genealogy. I also thank all the listeners who logged into the live interview on 25 February 2021 or are now watching it on YouTube. On the day of the interview, […]

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#LGBTQgenealogy: A History

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At the 2017 FGS Conference, I was inspired by Judy Russell and her presentation entitled “Rainbows and Kaleidoscopes: Inclusion as a Society and Corporate Genealogical Standard.” Judy, The Legal Genealogist, a well-respected professional holding significant community status, was telling her own industry to become more inclusive of diversity.  All our […]


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Writing about Transgender People

Recently, a reader of this LBGTQ Genealogy blog series asked me how to properly document trans family members.  That is an excellent question, worthy of its own genealogy education blog post.

In genealogy, there is precedent to document women with their maiden names, not their married names. This […]

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