They / Them Pronouns

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Using “They” or “Them” as pronouns is the appropriate and respectful choice for non-binary individuals or anyone who identifies with these terms. I candidly admit that adapting to what my mind perceives as plural terms has been challenging. It’s not a resistance to acknowledging preferred pronouns; rather, it’s the need […]

LGBTQ Genealogy at FindMyPast

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FindMyPast At Home Interview Recap

I extend my gratitude to Jen Baldwin and Eleanor Overthrow-Jones of FindMyPast for their interest in LGBTQ Genealogy. A heartfelt thank you to all the listeners who participated in the live interview on February 25, 2021, or are currently watching the recording on

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#LGBTQgenealogy: A History

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#LGBTQGenealogy: Charting its Evolution

In 2017, Judy Russell, known as The Legal Genealogist, delivered a compelling presentation at the FGS Conference in Pittsburgh titled “Rainbows and Kaleidoscopes: Inclusion as a Society and Corporate Genealogical Standard.” Her call for diversity and inclusivity within the genealogical profession resonated deeply, challenging the narrative […]


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Writing about Transgender People

In response to a reader’s inquiry, this blog post delves into the nuanced task of documenting transgender family members in genealogy. It emphasizes the need for sensitivity and respect while guiding appropriate terminology and their inclusion in family narratives.

In genealogy, the common practice of documenting women with […]

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LGBTQ Genealogy at

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Breaking New Ground: Speaking on LGBTQ Genealogy at

In a milestone event, I had the honor of delivering my LGBTQ Genealogy presentation at Ancestry’s San Francisco office. This opportunity arose following a presentation at the Sutro Library on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots at the invitation […]

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Exploring LGBTQ History Through Vintage Photographs

In my quest for materials on LGBTQ genealogy, I stumbled upon a gem—a cherished photo blog named Published by Jeffery Gent, this site serves as a remarkable repository, preserving and sharing vintage photographs featuring Gay & Lesbian individuals. With hundreds of captivating images, this […]

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