When researching materials for this LGBTQ Genealogy lecture I came across a treasured photo blog called HomoHistory.com. The site, published by Jeffery Gent, preserves and shares vintage photographs of Gay & Lesbian people. There are 100’s of beautiful and touching images on this site. I strongly encourage you to spend time on this site and subscribe!

Below are three dozen of my favorite images found on HomoHistory.com. Since most of the people in these photos are unknown, their sexuality is uncertain. But I invite you to look at these images through a different lens, a rainbow prism.  Notice the closeness of the subjects. Notice where their hands are placed. Notice how they gaze at each other. Notice the cross-gender drag.  Are the people in these images just chums and pals, or do clues in the images suggest a more intimate relationship?

Upon discovery of such images, many families would have had the photos destroyed. I’m grateful to Jeffery for preserving our history.

(Mouse over the image to stop the carousel.)

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