LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 15a

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Happy Pride Month Everyone!!

This is a month to honor all LGBTQ+ folk past, present, and future. As genealogists and family historians, when we encounter individuals in our family trees that raise our rainbow flag or set off our “gaydar,” it’s crucial to pay attention to that intuition and delve deeper. […]

LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 7

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LGBTQ in the U.S. Census: Tracing the Evolution of Inclusion and Exclusion

In previous discussions, we’ve explored clues supporting the possibility of ancestors being LGBTQ. We’ve also delved into the use of “Partner” in 20th-century census records as a potential identifier for LGBTQ relationships. However, the LGBTQ history in the […]

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LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 5

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Census Records

Genealogists rely on census records to meticulously track individuals and families across time and place. Discovering an ancestor consistently residing with the same partner across multiple census records serves as a compelling clue that they were in a committed relationship. Let’s delve into an example discussed in last […]

LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 4

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Famous and Infamous Census Records

One of the primary record sets that genealogists consult is the United States Decennial Census. The US Census Bureau maintains a dedicated webpage titled “Famous and Infamous Census Records,” showcasing census records over the decades that feature notable individuals, both celebrated and controversial.

Within […]

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