LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 11

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Unveiling Lives Through Obituaries

Obituaries, a treasure trove for genealogists, can weave intricate family tales and unveil the hidden threads in one’s family tree. I love a good obituary that makes an effort to detail all living relatives and all pre-deceased relatives. Sometimes there is an unexpected answer in these details, […]

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LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 10

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Exploring LGBTQ Media: Connecting Through Newspapers and Magazines

Our ancestors’ stories unfold in various ways, and for some, their experiences are captured in the vibrant pages of LGBTQ newspapers and magazines. In the wake of Stonewall, numerous publications have emerged, serving as vital platforms for the LGBTQ community. Two notable early […]

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LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 9

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Remembering Stonewall: 50 Years of LGBTQ Liberation

This month, on the 28th of June, we mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village, New York. Stonewall was the watershed event igniting the modern gay rights movement. Over the past five decades, our society has made significant strides in […]

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LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 8

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Newspapers – Part 1: Unearthing LGBTQ History in Headlines

Newspapers stand as invaluable resources for genealogists, offering a unique window into personal history, unlike any other record. This is particularly true when it comes to discovering LGBTQ family members, especially those who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong […]

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