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Digitizing Records

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Preserving Records from the California Genealogical Society

I enjoy genealogy research because it brings forgotten stories back to life. Piecing together a person’s life story using online databases with document images is energizing. One clue leads to another and with luck you’ll come to know who that ancestor was.

Genealogy has been […]

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Writing Your Own Obituary

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Write your own obituary, because who can do it better than you? Who amongst your surviving relatives will know why you took the life paths you did? Who will have the insight and writing skills to convey to generations to come who you were in life?

As genealogists, we are happy […]

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I love cemeteries.

I am a taphophile. And maybe you are too.

Taphophilia is “a love of funerals, cemeteries and the rituals of death.” [1]  You might also call me a Tombstone Tourist but I like the term taphophile best.

Cemeteries are art, history, genealogy, class, religion all rolled into one. A grave allows a tangible […]


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Writing about Transgender People

In response to a reader’s inquiry, this blog post delves into the nuanced task of documenting transgender family members in genealogy. It emphasizes the need for sensitivity and respect while guiding appropriate terminology and their inclusion in family narratives.

In genealogy, the common practice of documenting women with […]

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LGBTQ Genealogy at Ancestry.com

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Breaking New Ground: Speaking on LGBTQ Genealogy at Ancestry.com

In a milestone event, I had the honor of delivering my LGBTQ Genealogy presentation at Ancestry’s San Francisco office. This opportunity arose following a presentation at the Sutro Library on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots at the invitation […]

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