LGBTQ Genealogy & Software – Part 2

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Evolving Family Structures

In our rapidly changing world, family structures are diversifying, challenging the traditional norms embedded in genealogical software. As I discussed in the previous installment, family constellations today are often unique and complex, encompassing relationships defined by DNA, adoption, step-parenting, fostering, or personal choice. It’s not just an […]

LGBTQ Genealogy & Software – Part 1

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Imagine Software Beyond Hetero-Centricity

This installment marks a shift in our LGBTQ Genealogy series, turning the spotlight onto genealogical software—both online and offline. Often, the available software falls short in accommodating diverse family constellations, as it tends to be hetero-centric, designed primarily for cisgender, heterosexual couples with biological children. To […]

#LGBTQgenealogy: A History

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#LGBTQGenealogy: Charting its Evolution

In 2017, Judy Russell, known as The Legal Genealogist, delivered a compelling presentation at the FGS Conference in Pittsburgh titled “Rainbows and Kaleidoscopes: Inclusion as a Society and Corporate Genealogical Standard.” Her call for diversity and inclusivity within the genealogical profession resonated deeply, challenging the narrative […]

LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 20

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Embracing Diversity in Genealogy with a Rainbow Prism Perspective

Throughout this blog series, we’ve embarked on the journey of uncovering LGBTQ clues when someone in our family’s history raises our rainbow flag fancy. Remember the confirmed bachelor or spinster aunt was not by default unlucky in finding a spouse. Perhaps they […]

LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 19

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Unlocking LGBTQ Heritage by Navigating the Archives

Perhaps an LGBTQ ancestor left behind a collection of love letters like Willa Cather or Charity Bryant.  Or maybe there is an existing dairy confessing details of their love life. An ancestor may have been mentioned in a queer organization’s newsletter. With […]

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LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 18

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Unveiling Centuries of LGBTQ Commitments Before Gay Marriage

Long before the modern era of gay marriage, LGBTQ individuals have committed to each other throughout history. Scholars have extensively documented these unions, shedding light on diverse expressions of love. One seminal work, Judy Grahn’s Another Mother Tongue (1984, Beacon Press), unveiled […]

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LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 17

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Charting the Evolution from Domestic Partnership to Marriage Equality

In August 1979, gay rights activist Tom Brougham proposed the new concept of “domestic partnership” to counter the inequality of job benefits being exclusive to heterosexual couples. Tom and a dedicated group of LGBTQ activists, including my husband Leland Traiman, championed the […]

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LGBTQ Genealogy – Part 16

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Navigating Professional Landscapes: The LGBTQ Experience

The stereotype of the gay hairdresser isn’t merely a cliché; it reflects a profession that not only attracts some men but also serves as a pragmatic choice for survival. For many homosexuals, the risk of being discovered meant potential job loss or professional ostracism—a reality […]

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